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Mega Snake

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Режиссер: Тибор Такач

В ролях: Майкл Шэнкс, Сири Барук, Джон Т. Вудз, Мэттью Атертон, Ник Хэрви, Бен Кардинал, Итай Дьяков

Because his father was killed by a poisonous snake bite, Les Daniels has a deadly fear of snakes. Chaos ensues when Les’ brother accidentally unleashes a rare, extremely deadly mythical snake. The snake escapes into Les’ small town and begins to grow at a terrifying rate. Now Les must overcome his paralyzing fear to help protect his small town against the growing, deadly MEGASNAKE, which is devouring anything in its path.

Рубрика: Культ, Хоррор, Триллер

Издатель: First Look Pictures

Страна: США

Год: 2007

Color, Dolby, DVD-Video, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC
1.66:1 104 мин. Дисков: 1 Регион: 1
Язык: English
Субтитры: Английские, Испанские


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