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Private View, A (Hardcover)

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Автор: Айрин Майер Селзник

Irene Mayer came to Hollywood when she was ten. Her childhood was populated with legendary names as her father, Louis B., practically created the movie industry. But life at the Mayers' was not lived in the typical Hollywood style. They believed in family, in strict hours, tiny allowances, no boys, no going away to college, and no socializing with actors. She didn't marry an actor. She married David O. Selznick, a wildly energized, and ambitious man who would go on to make some of the greatest movies Hollywood would ever see. Irene eventually left him, and Hollywood, for New York where she became a Broadway producer. Here she tells her story: about being her father's daughter, her husband's wife, and, finally, herself.

Рубрика: История кино

Издатель: Knopf

Год: 1983

384 стр. Книг: 1 Вес: 0.50 кг
Язык: Английский

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