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It (Barbara Cartland's Library of Love, Volume 25) (Paperback)

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Автор: Элинор Глин

"Elinor Glyn coined the word "It" to describe the magical magnetism which emanates from some peope and makes them wildly attractive. It can arouse love or hatred, but never indifference and it is inescapable! Ava with her gardenia skin and volumptuous red mouth can never, try as she may, escape from the "It" which pours out of John Gaunt's ruthless green eyes!" Barbara Cartland's blurb from the back cover.

Рубрика: Проза

Издатель: Bantam

Год: 1978

167 стр. Книг: 1 Вес: 0.30 кг
Язык: Английский

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